D-A-D (LP, Discrepant, 2019)

After 2018’s Musique Con Crète Tasos takes a deeper dive into his unique world of Greek traditional avant garde. Inspired by his passion about rebetiko genre, improvisation was the starting point for the creation of some of the nine pieces wrote for “D-A-D”.
The electroacoustic compositions often serve to interact with field recordings that are wisely manipulated, while acoustic instruments, like the bouzouki and the santouri, build up the connection with the tradition and the necessity to slow down and follow the narrative.



Musique con Crète (LP, Discrepant, 2018)

The project is the result of a three-year creative research project across Crete (GR). Starting with an artist residency the musician visited the Greek island over the course of three summers, collecting field recordings, performing with local musicians, producing electronic compositions and gathering old records and tapes of traditional music of the region. The project resulted in the assembling of a unique sound collage which reflects his personal experience as a music visitor to this part of the Mediterranean with one of the richest ancient history and living traditions.

Discrepant Label
Interview in the Wire Magazine, issue 413


Caveman (LP, Moving Furniture, 2017)

This album is a representative sample of Tasos Stamou’s live sound. Both tracks are complete extracts of free improvised solo performances using his portable electroacoustic music studio.
Both tracks have been carefully selected for their sound and narrative qualities, also taking in consideration the blend between acoustic and electronic elements.

Moving Furniture Records


Koura (CD, Moving Furniture, 2016)

Both tracks in this album are parts of a composition series based on sustained, multitrack recordings of solo acoustic instruments (zither and chord organ here).
The instruments have been performed with extended techniques and with additional live electronic “extensions” (looping feedbacks & downsampling, pitch shifting, reverberation and oscillators).

Moving Furniture Records
Review by Touching Extremes


A Trilogy by Lal Lal Lal Records
(3 x CS, 2015-16)

A sonic-fairytale trilogy by Finnish cassette label “Lal Lal Lal”.
The tracks have been created with a combination of live recorded material and studio additions (modular synthesizer). Each piece follows an abstract narrative, based on rough electronics and tribal music connotations. Instrumentation is quite eclectic, varying from handmade electronics to objects and souvenir instruments.

Lal Lal Lal Records


A Trilogy by Orila Records
(3 x 3"CD, 2013-14)

Three EPs made for Orila Records are assembling a variety of micro-tracks from one year's recordings with a portable four-track recorder. All compositions were recorded in between different environments and sometimes literally on the road using handheld electronics, objects, voice and other materials found at the spot.

Orila Records


Seven Synth Drone Studies
(CD, Triple Bath, 2012)

Sonic experiments with multitrack synthetic sustained tones, harmonics, frequencies and modulations created with an analogue modular synthesizer system and handmade electronics.

Triple Bath Records


Objects #1
(CD, Kukuruku Recordings, 2010)

A continuous and long free improvised music piece, recorded during performance at 'Six d.o.g.s' in Athens, January 2010.
Handmade automatic motor sound generators, amplified objects and live electronics.


(CD, Absurd, 2007)

First released recording launching a series of compositions and improvisations made strictly with toy instruments and musical toys.
Hacked, modified or plain, these instruments define the aesthetics and structure of this album. The result is a dreamy soundscape of bewitched childhood memories and obscure electronica.




AMAN!!! #2
Thodoris Ziarkas/Tasos Stamou
(CS, Sucata Tapes, Discrepant, 2019)

AMAN!!! #2 is picking it up from the previous cassette album at Sucata Tapes, “AMAN!!!” duo delivers another series of live tracks, this time recorded in Athens and London. The duo of Tasos Stamou and Thodoris Ziarkas bring back the improvisational element to the old Greek rebetiko style and expand it towards other avant-garde musical genres.


AMAN 2.jpg

Thodoris Ziarkas/Tasos Stamou
(CS, Sucata Tapes, Discrepant, 2018)

‘AMAN!!!’ explores the borders of improvisation in the context of Greek rebetiko and other styles of the South East Mediterranean.
The project reflects both musicians' interest about reinterpreting traditional music in a contemporary, non-sterilized form; abstract prepared strings improvisations between bouzouki and guitar (Thodoris Ziarkas) blend back-and-forth with original old songs of the '30s and '40s discography.



Tasos Stamou/Alan Wilkinson
(CS, Ikuisuus, 2018)

Free improvised music duo with saxophonist/clarinetist Alan Wilkinson.
Reeds and handmade electronics, digital horn and vintage synths, recorded live at ‘Flimflam’ concert series, Ryan’s Bar, London, October 8th 2018.



London Taximi
Mike Cooper & Tasos Stamou
(CS, Coherent States, 2017)

Two long tracks recorded live during two London gigs with the lap steel guitarist and experimentalist Mike Cooper.

Coherent States


Mantra Gora
Adrian Northover & Tasos Stamou
(CD, Linear Obsessional Recordings, 2014)

Studio recordings with the free improvised music saxophonist/ 'Remote Viewers' member Adrian Northover.  Lo-fi musique concrete sounds and saxophone extravaganza, concluding to a series of improvised pieces with a film-music touch.

Linear Obsessional Recordings


The Car Boot Sales
Adam Bohman & Tasos Stamou
(CD, Kukuruku Recordings, 2014)

First round of home and live recordings with legendary DIY instruments free improviser Adam Bohman. Both musicians are improvising with recycled objects and gudgets.


Tasos Stamou & Ilan Manouach
(CD, Absurd, 2010)

Collaboration with Greek experimental saxophonist Ilan Manouach. Studio and live recordings.


Mediated Meditations
Adam_is & Tasos Stamou
(CD, Kukuruku Recordings, 2009)

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Mediated Meditations is a collaborative project exploring sustained organized sounds and transcendental, pseudo-ritual music.